Background Check

Where weak KYE and internal control measures abound, corporate losses due to employee theft and embezzlements increase. Jobrole offers thorough background checks and verification on employee credentials to prevent hiring the undesirable.
Our team of experienced consultants’ profiles and provide immediate advisory on the necessary KYE before final employee engagement.

  • We have listed our KYE solutions for your consideration:
  • Academic Verification
  • National Youth Service Certificate (NYSC) Verification
  • Previous Employment Verification
  • Residential Address/Home Town/Parental Background Verification
  • Character Reference Verification
  • Criminal Records Check
  • Club Activities Verification
  • Professional Membership Verification
  • Guarantor Verification

Don't be caught up with false claims made by job applicants or even existing staff, conducting thorough professional reference checks and applicant screening is an essential step towards employee risk management.
With Jobrole, background check services, all that is required of you is to send a scanned copy of the Document that needs to be checked or verified and we take it from there.

Send a request for verification and we will contact you within 24hrs.