The Personality Assessment measures the "Big Five" personality traits and behavioural characteristics.

Personality Assessments

Your personality has a huge influence on who you are personally and professionally. In fact, personality plays an essential role in explaining some of the variation in work performance; some people are well organised, some are care free. Some people are shy, some are more outgoing. Some people are warm and friendly; some are more skeptical and direct. Some people are creative and open to new ideas, some people prefer structure and rules.
The good news is that there is a place for everyone in the variety of jobs available. The bad news is that personality mismatches, or recruiting people with poor job fit, in the hiring process can lead to unnecessary employee turnover and underperformance in your work teams. This employee turnover and and underperformance costs your business time and money, whereas recruiting people with a good job and company fit will pay you in dividends.

Our high-quality personality assessments are built upon a set of five stable and measurable elements, called traits, that are referred to as the "Big Five" which include:

   Plus Team & Good Impression Scales