5 Common Mistakes to Avoid in Background Checks

  • Obtain written consent from candidates
  • Keep detailed records of the background check process
  • Document all findings and results

Mistake #2: Failure to Verify Credentials

Failing to verify a candidate’s qualifications and credentials can lead to unqualified hires. Make sure to:

  • Verify educational degrees and certifications
  • Check professional licenses and registrations
  • Confirm previous work experience and job titles
  • Apply the same screening criteria to all candidates
  • Use a standardized background check process
  • Document all exceptions and deviations
  • Check international criminal records
  • Verify foreign education and qualifications
  • Research global sanctions and watchlists
  • Conduct background checks early in the hiring process
  • Use an efficient and streamlined process
  • Prioritize timely results and reporting

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