Jobrole Consulting Limited serves as a Talent Management Company, providing cutting-edge talent and business solutions aimed at driving performance and fostering acceleration. Our primary focus lies in conceptualizing and executing innovative ideas and strategies for organizations, thereby optimizing their business processes and facilitating growth. Our depth of expertise is reflected in our meticulous selection of consultants, ensuring that we remain the preferred firm for our discerning clientele.

We customize our processes to align with the unique needs of each client, aiming to enhance efficiency and bolster their competitive edge. Leveraging our diverse and extensive experience, we deliver tailor-made solutions that enable businesses to prioritize their core objectives. Jobrole's overarching objective is to deliver comprehensive human resource initiatives and management solutions, ensuring the success of our clients in the global marketplace.


Our expertise is reflected in a meticulously chosen group of multi-disciplinary and cultured consultants. They uphold our status as the preferred firm for our expanding roster of discerning clients.

Our procedures are customized to meet each client's requirements, enhance efficiency, and bolster competitive advantage. Drawing from our distinct and varied experience, we swiftly provide dedicated employees, enabling you to concentrate on your business's most pressing needs.


To continuously provide optimal talent management solutions that drive business performance and acceleration


To be a leading provider of talent management solutions for business acceleration.




Our team comprises of HR professionals who are equipped with vast experience in the field of HR consulting.

Flora Gabtony
Executive Director HR Operation

Flora Gabtony has been an active consummate professional for a close count of a decade. She has shown remarkable knowledge through her gleaming resume as a professional in behavioural change, ethical decision making, professional ethics, leadership and mental health. She has upheld the praiseworthy moniker, MadamEthics through her engagements with organizations in the assistive behavioural training of management and staff at various private and government agencies in Nigeria and beyond. As a psychologist and ethics facilitator, she has employed transformational teaching and therapeutic approach to sustained public and private consultations in perceived complex individual issues. She is also a consultant counsellor on human affective issues and its likely consequences to individuals in the society and workforce. A first-class graduate of in Psychology from the University of Lagos with Master of Science in Organizational and Occupational psychology from University of East London, Flora has acquired various local and international training and certifications on Leadership, Project Management, Behavioural Analysis and DISC Personality Profiling, Marriage Theology and Lived-In Experience, Counselling and Education. Flora has facilitated sessions on ethics, behavioural/mental health, Psychology of Crime and related topics for public and corporate institutions including the Lagos state Cooperatives, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Ministry of Internal Audit, Rotary International, House of Tara International etc. Flora’s dedication and commitment have earned her several recognitions including the African Women Entrepreneurship Cooperative (AWEC) Champion of the Year (2018/2019) Award.